some dress for the sale, available in green, deep purple and fuscia (the green doesn't seem to photograph that well) the black ties are going to be replaced, just there so i can hang them up, hoping to find some white rope for the green dress, the tie allows the dress to be worn in different ways so you're really getting a  load of dresses in one, also available in tops (last pic)

whitney x

long awaited singlets

hers pandey close up
hers pandy singlets

hers cakey close up

hers cakey singlets

hers owley  close up

hers owley singlets
the long awaited singlets are fresh off the courier from wellington my little creative empire is starting to build up :) lana


I know i have been slack with this whole blogging thing however since uni has finished i have been a busy bee. This is one of the skirts i will be selling at the sale. Sheer with a partial lining covering all of the necessary parts. Great for summer! P.s there is a lot more to come... enjoy :)

new black and white drawings :)

Newly finished a3 black and white drawings on paper. Just got word today that my singlets that got printed are on there way up form wellington, yay will post pictures as soon as they arrive :)


Some Bunting Flags i have made for the sale, 5 so far, 3 more coming, i've also started some lil' Pirate Wheat bags, so will post when those are ready

whitney x 

blue stripes and red stars
green spots, blue stripes, multi floral 
 tan spots, brown floral, tan stripes
 blue spots, blue tie dye, blue stripes
tan stripes, green floral, green spots


Some tote bags that i've made for the sale, just the 3 at the moment but theres more coming!!

whitney x

 Navy Rope Tote Bag, fully Lined with pocket 

Jacquard Print tote bag, fully lined with pocket, 2 avaliable